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An “Opportunity” comes with “Good Luck” And
“Success” comes with “dedicated efforts” in “right direction”
We serve you to understand these in the divine light of Astrology. Online Course of Astrology Course.Hello students, are you looking for a future in astrology so here we are with some exciting online Course of Astrology courses for you. Acharya Mayank Srivastava ji is right here to guide you and make you learn the principles of Vedic astrology so come and enroll into the courses soon.

Online Course of Astrology

Basics of Astrology

Learn Vedic Astrology for All, Planetary & Sign Characteristics, Horoscope Analysis applying Vedic Jyotish concepts. This course offers everything that is required to have a strong foundation in Vedic Astrology.

Course Fee: Rs. 5000

Advance Predictive Astrology

This makes you knowledgeable and also improves your competence as an astrologer. These courses can be taken by people who have the basic knowledge of astrology. With the basics of planets, houses and signs in place, one can build their knowledge on a deeper level.

Course Fee: Rs. 15000

Nakshatra Nadi Astrology

Astrology is a scientific study to fore see coming time in advance on the basis of some movements and location of astronomical & cosmic bodies. We cannot deny the fact that we are so tiny part of this huge universe and continuously under the impact of all these objects. Their gravitational force, energy & vibrations liberated by them affects us in a great manner.  Nadi astrology is one of the great branch of predictive astrology used for accurate and concise predictions. It is based on Nakshatra & sub lord. It emphasize on the power and strength of sub lord more. Beside the position of planet in the horoscope, the 12 houses have a greater role to play for an event to happen. After planet and its Nakshatra, Predictive Astrology method Nadi astrology moves one more step deep that is on sub lord which makes readings and calculations more accurate.

Course Fee: Rs. 15000
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