Foreign Trip Consultation in India By Astro Sujhav
Foreign Travel to study and settling abroad is a dream most youngsters nurture inside their hearts and minds from an early age. But this dream comes true only for a few of them. Apart from your educational qualification and other resources, there is one more aspect of your life that could be either a support or a roadblock in your fulfilling this dream. That aspect is your date/place/time of birth is reflected in your birth-chart/horoscope. The study of Houses in a horoscope for foreign education or prospects of overseas tours is one of the astrology branches.
Total Service Fee: Rs. 1101
On Offer Fee: Rs.501

The things provided in astrology consultancy include:

  • Appropriate horoscope computation based on Vedic astrology’s ancient principles
  • Identifying mangal dosh, pitru dosh, kaal sarp dosh, and other sorts of dosh in a Kundli
  • All of the above-mentioned dosh’s restorative remedies
  • Answers to all questions, whether they require calculations or are generally linked to astrological practice
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts are offered.
  • Through Vedic astrology, you may learn which aspects of your life will bring you poor luck and which will offer you good fortune (fortunate and unfortunate times).