Court Case Consultation in India By Astro Sujhav
A person who has faced or is facing a court case a different types of problems like social disdain, family disgrace, financial crunch etc. Through astrology, you can know whether there is a sum of a court case in your horoscope or not? If there is some yoga of court case available in your birth chart then you can easily get out of this problem through astrological remedies.
Total Service Fee: Rs. 1101
On Offer Fee: Rs.501

The things provided in astrology consultancy include:

  • Appropriate horoscope computation based on Vedic astrology’s ancient principles
  • Identifying mangal dosh, pitru dosh, kaal sarp dosh, and other sorts of dosh in a Kundli
  • All of the above-mentioned dosh’s restorative remedies
  • Answers to all questions, whether they require calculations or are generally linked to astrological practice
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts are offered.
  • Through Vedic astrology, you may learn which aspects of your life will bring you poor luck and which will offer you good fortune (fortunate and unfortunate times).